Why Comfort Eating is a Tool for Self-LOVE

Our instinct to eat for comfort is undeniable, I haven’t come across a single person that doesn’t acknowledge, at least on some level, the comfort that eating something you enjoy can bring.  Taken to the extreme, if you’ve been stranded on a mountain in the freezing cold for a few days, a bowl of hot […]

My Go-To Ritual When I Feel Stressed & Out of Balance

The past few weeks have been really exciting with the release of my book, events and everything that goes along with the organizing and planning.   But if I’m honest, these few weeks have been pretty challenging too.  I feel like I’ve been on a major learning curve, and at times have felt overwhelmed, and […]

5 Tools to Feel LIGHTER Today

Let’s be honest, nutrition advice is EVERYWHERE.  What to eat and what not to eat, over and over again, a bombardment of well meaning advice, often conflicting, and more often than not overwhelming.   How ironic then that there are a few things that are even more powerful than the actual food we choose when […]

Your BeUtiful Body is HERE

These past few days, as we’ve neared closer 11.04.18, a date that will be forever significant for me, I’ve been having flash backs to three years ago when I first signed the publishing contract for Your BeUtiful Body.  That wasn’t even the title back then, Your BeUtiful Body only emerged a few months ago when […]

Want To Lose Weight? Then Focus on LIGHT

BeU Body

This is a chapter from my book, Your BeUtiful Body.  I wanted to share this with you because so many of the women I work with want to lose weight and this is something that I have struggled with too.  But there is a thought process, language and behavior around food and exercise that is […]

3 Ways to Create Emotional Balance for a Lighter Body

I was thinking over these past few days how important emotional balance is for a healthy, happy, light feeling BeUtiful body.  You see, we consume ’emotions’ much like we consume food, and they get either stored or digested, depending on how easily we can process them! However, when it comes to losing weight, ALL our […]

Taste Your Way to Skinny Jeans

Calorie counting and food arithmetic has certainly played it’s part in disconnecting us from the real nature of food.  Often, our decision of what to eat is based around carbohydrate content, whether it’s paleo friendly, vegan and/or on the latest diet plan we’ve decided to try and stick to this time! The challenge is, we […]

The National Article: 7 Most Nutritious Foods

Time is of the essence, in every aspect of life, including our health. Anything that takes too much time is either removed or rescheduled, and eating nutritiously has a tendency to fall off the to-do list more often than any of us would prefer. For time-strapped health conscious types, the key is to eat foods […]

Yogalife Article: Hormonal Harmony

Hormones are among the most powerful chemicals in the body.  They are the driving force behind stimulation, growth, circadian rhythms, metabolism regulation, activation of your immune system, reproductive organs, hunger, cravings, sexual arousal and, perhaps most important, how you feel. This is why our hormones can reap such havoc in our body and mind.  When they are […]

The National Article: 6 Reasons Why You’re NOT Losing Weight

Despite spending what seems to be a lifetime dieting, many of us just don’t seem to be able to lose weight. Our meal plan may be paleo and our exercise regime punishing, but our body remains, stubbornly, at that same weight on the scale. What do we do? Well, a very wise man once said […]