The 2 (physical) Root Causes of ALL Dis-Ease & How to Heal Them

It seems highly unlikely that there are essentially, just two ‘roots of dis-ease’, given the plethora of diagnoses being dished out by doctors.  Yet, there is a traceable path that results in one of two ‘roots’ regardless of the type of health challenge being faced.  Whilst a diagnosis is filled with disempowering medical jargon and […]

Remineralization – the cure you’re looking for

Rudolf Steiner identified four elemental kingdoms within which all physical life is said to exist.  In relation to nutrition, the order of these kingdoms gifts us with powerful insight into how to prioritize caring for our health and wellbeing, since the fourth kingdom is ‘us’, the human kingdom, and we sit upon the other three. […]

A Latte Your Liver Will LOVE (and it’s not golden!)

Despite this being the most unexpected, ‘out of the blue’ trip I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken a few, I have thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by quite simply, the best offerings of the foodie, super foodie, plant based kind I’ve seen for ages. The entire Byron Bay area, and my personal favourite, Mullumbimby, is just […]

Bacteria; good & bad – what’s running you?

During research for my book, Your BeUtiful Body, I found many studies that reaffirmed the importance of not just the digestive process for your health and wellbeing, but the type of bacteria inhabiting your gut. Bacteria – the good, the bad and the ugly which, in many cases are not that ugly from the perspective […]

Cosmic Self-Care for September; Calibration & Thyroid Healing

Calibration.  This word first caught my eye a few days ago whilst searching Youtube for the benefits and concerns of drinking alkali water, and I noticed a video about the thyroid, how to heal it and ‘calibrate’ your system. I was drawn to this video because I have a ‘sensitive’ thyroid.  Sometimes it works like […]

Health Issues; a message from your inner Self?

I won’t lie, this isn’t the most appealing thought to ponder in the midst of a few ‘random’ aches, pains and general run down-ness.  I just want to ‘cure’ the issue, through food and herbs, of course, all things natural, and move on, but then I get this niggling feeling that there’s more to it […]

The Plant of Enlightenment; calm your nerves & soothe your soul

I’m a great believer that when you neutralize the effects of stress, creating balance and harmony, mentally, emotionally and physically, you naturally allow a state of wellBeing and lightness to Be your experience, as I talk about at length in my book, Your BeUtiful Body. My approach to nutritional healing is to focus on creating […]

Receptivity; How to eat like a Goddess

The essence of divine feminine nature is receptivity. Being open to receive, gracefully and with love, without apology or guilt. Yet, amidst the frenzy of modern day thinking and living, we simply don’t Be still long enough, to allow ourSelf to Be open and receive. x To compound this, we eat and breathe an endemic diet […]

Alignment; the easier (more powerful) way to detox

x After a week of detoxing, Ayurveda style through Panchakarama, it got me thinking whether we need to focus more on daily ‘aligning’ through food and lifestyle, rather than doing crash-course detoxes periodically to restore our balance. x The need for a continuation of the gentle, more harmony inducing choices, relative to food and lifestyle, […]

The Beauty Within Self-Care

As I write to you I’m sat in a little poky room in India, with a less than desirable bathroom and currently no AC because, despite my asking, no-one seems to be in a hurry to ‘fix’ anything around here.  Now, in a huge dose of irony, the reason I’m here; to ‘fix’ myself. In […]