The Secret to Your WellBeing

So much of health and medicine, natural and allopathic, is focused on using things that are external to your Self, whether they be foods, herbs, superfoods or medicines, to either heal a specific condition or address something about your body. Nutrition is so guilty of this, often focusing on ‘deficiencies’.  Whilst it is helpful to […]

Astro Nutrition; follow your star

I believe the highest purpose of nutrition is to encourage each of us to journey withIN. Listening to your body, your own inner wisdom and reclaiming your sovereignty and power by living, eating and nurturing your Self in a way that maintains your unique, BeUtiful balance.  This facilitates the manifestation of your highest potential and […]

Spirulina; A miracle light worker for your health

I just sat down to write this blog with no clue what I was going to share, so I asked for guidance for what would be most helpful and beneficial for you to read right now.  So, if you’re reading this then take note! 😉 I’ve been traveling so much lately, out of my routines, […]

Want to see more? Nutrition to activate your third eye

Third eye vision is revered, shrouded in esoteric philosophy and seemingly accessible to only a few of us. But if we take a more holistic view of the body, seeing all levels and dimensions, the third eye, or pineal gland, is merely another ‘organ’, albeit sacred and endowed with mystical powers, but then again, isn’t […]

11:11:11 & Conscious Eating; how conscious are you?

Yesterday was a significant 11:11:11 alignment, as I’m sure you know, and maybe even felt. My Facebook and Instagram feeds were full of it, which I love because it’s just so nice to be reminded of greater things beyond our 3D reality that powerfully influence our life path. This gateway felt so much about love […]

BeU Private Retreat


I am so excited to be teaming up with the beautiful Sri Devi Retreat in Sri Lanka again for 2019.  This time will be a little different, and in true BeU style, totally dedicated and designed exclusively for U. These retreats will be PRIVATE, this means that you get to choose your dates between 27th […]

The untapped power of a ‘body positive’ movement

Sometimes I search the hashtags on instagram for eating disorders.  It’s scary just how many people, from all walks of life and ages, find themselves living through such nightmarish and debilitating challenges with food and body image. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a movement that’s rapidly gaining momentum for body positivity, […]

It’s not what you eat, it’s how you eat it!

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” The number of times I’ve said that to a boyfriend! But you know, it is SO true!  Energy does speak louder than words, and the intention behind what a persons says is way more powerful than the actual words.  Have you ever picked up on […]

Self-Love, Chocolate & Venus Retrograde

Breakfast today was a, much needed, medicinal hot chocolate. Steaming hot goodness served in a comforting bowl, not quite big enough in my humble opinion, but, it was a deLIGHT. With an ingredients list befitting of a Goddess, and a who’s who of superfoods, it was whilst mindfully sipping this beautiful concoction that I pondered […]

Why focusing on feeling LIGHT is more powerful than trying to lose weight

I’m excited to share a chapter of my book, Your BeUtiful Body, with you today because I’m passionate about helping you to connect with who-you-really-are. LIGHT energy! And that’s not a spiritual philosophy, it’s a law of physics. Not many people realize this in the midst of dieting, but, this is THE MOST POWERFUL way […]