Festive Self-Care; how to have fun without feeling overwhelmed or overindulged

The festive time of year can be as fun as it can stressful, when a comfortable balance between pleasure-rich indulgence and guilt inducing over-indulgence feels like a complete impossibility. Too often, self-care routines feel rigid and unsustainable, and certainly not feasible when parties and family gatherings monopolize our schedules. Not being one to miss out, […]

Christmas Gift & Special Offers

A Christmas Gift From Me to U… As a ‘thank you’ for all your love and support, I’m gifting my annual Holistic Health & Wellbeing clients with an extra month of healing support, with the intention to allow even more wellBeing in 2020. And, for each of your friends, recommended by you, that joins the […]

What Your Immune System Needs You To Know

I was in Helsinki a few weeks ago and the weather abruptly turned from ‘just needing a jacket’ to freezing cold and thermals being an essential.   This sudden change definitely gave my inner thermometer a shock, especially after ten years of living in the desert, and seemed to be the catalyst for everyone around […]

The Real Game Changer

I watched The Game Changers last week, the latest documentary highlighting diet in the context of meat vs plant based eating. This one features athletes and well known personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, all who have reportedly adopted a predominately plant based diet and felt the benefits.  Whether they’re vegan or just avoiding meat isn’t entirely […]

Nutrition for Empaths

Nutrition for Empaths I’m not a lover of labels. They can easily restrict and disempower, rather than liberate and empower, and ’empath’ territory definitely falls prey to this in so many ways. Basically, an ’empath’ is someone with empathy, which is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing.  In my case, […]

Food Sustainability; is Less More?

I’ve been backwards and forwards to Helsinki enough times this year to make becoming a Finnair member worth my while. Whilst I’m here the topic of work conversations is largely focused on food sustainability and improving access to healthy food for low income families. This is currently a massive area of challenge, especially in the […]

Q&A: Inspired For Maryam

Question I have been recently diagnosed with gastritis and other chronic problems in my colon, prescribed meds and I’m taking them.  I know the gut area is linked to the solar plexus area and that I need to work on my healing.  What would be my next step to heal completely through nutrition and to […]

Hormonal Balance; a deeper perspective

Both ancient Greek philosophy and the Rig Veda, dating back over three millennia, describe the power of our hormones, or soma, as they refer to them, as a powerful agent of liberation and enlightenment. The process is described alongside methods of how to release these ‘inner fluids’ in a way that can transform both mind […]

Energetic Nutrition; Mango

Energetic Nutrition; Mango

The magnificent mango.  Although, like everything else in life, and especially in the world of nutrition, the ‘magnificent’ part is relative to my relationship and association with the beautiful mango.  However, the mango is sacred to Buddha! This being said, I wanted to share with you their energetic nutritional qualities so you can have a […]

Anxiety is Sabotaging You: Here’s How You Can Fight Back

Anxiety is something many of us experience, and it has the potential to sabotage many areas of our life, including health and wellbeing. So when Grazia Middle East asked me to contribute this article and share natural ways we can all find relief I was really happy. Sending you my love and peace filled vibes […]