Winter can definitely take its toll on your immunity.  The cold temperatures and darker days can be harsh on your system, easily depleting energy and vitality.

I’m in Finland at the moment and earlier today the temperature gauge read -16 degrees!  I think that’s the coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced, and it is COLD.  I can feel that such extreme temperatures can be exhausting, however, nature, in Her wisdom, provides something that can remedy all of this, and in a mouthful.

Sea Buckthorn berries, are golden orangey colored small berries that usually grow in cold climates, like Finland, often close to the sea, and can survive really harsh environments.  Here, they’re actually called ‘liquid gold’, giving us a sense of their nutritional wisdom and valuable information they can gift our body.

They’re flavour is potent like their nutrients – sea buckthorn berries will not leave you indifferent.  But how could they, at 15 times more vitamin C in one small berry than in an entire orange?

They are actually one of the richest sources of bioactive nutrients making them a magnificent energy and vitality boost, and particularly in winter due to their incredible durability which develops a nutrient profile that is incredibly strengthening for your immune system.

Sea Buckthorn Benefits:

  1. It is among the most concentrated vitamin C source ever discovered, excellent for boosting your immune system, strength, vitality and skin health and appearance.
  2. They contain nearly 200 active nutrients.
  3. Rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients with anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, heart protecting, cell protecting, entire system protecting properties.
  4. One of the richest sources of Omega 7 on planet earth, making these a perfect beauty berry because they protect and heal the skin from ageing and dryness.
  5. They are mucous membrane healers, meaning they are ‘gold’ for anyone with leaky gut or a compromised digestive tract, they can help repair the mucous membranes on the intestinal walls and soothe any damage caused by stomach ulcers.


Last week both mum and I were feeling niggles of sore throat and cold, we stirred 1 teaspoon of Sea Buckthorn berry powder in some coconut kefir (you could easily use natural bio live yoghurt if you don’t have kefir, add raw honey if you need to sweeten) and it seemed to strengthen our systems just enough to stave off a cold or flu.  Later that evening we felt great again.

I’ve now incorporated the powder version into my diet and can really feel their strengthening benefits.  If you’re feeling run down, lacking in energy, winter colds and chills, then definitely give these beautiful berries a try.

The easiest way to enjoy the benefits is to get the powdered Sea Buckthorn Berry available at health food stores.  You can also get oil, this is great for topical use if you have any skin issues.  If you get the powder, quality is important. I love this brand.

As always, nothing works unless you do.  If you choose to work with Sea Buckthorn berries then do so consciously, aware of these amazing benefits.  Actively invite them to work with your body and for your body to be open and receptive to their wisdom.  And then surrender it to your body, in the knowledge that your body wisdom knows exactly how to integrate their energy for your highest good.

With love

Laura xxx

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