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A Guide to Eating and Loving your Body Light

Inundated with countless diets.  Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of nutrition information.  Eating plans telling you what to eat, when to eat it and how much, often leaving you feeling starved and bloated all at the same time, it”s no surprise that your body can get completely out of balance.  Throw in weekly weigh-ins on the bathroom scales and a super-sized portion of self criticism and its a recipe for a body nightmare with a sense of heaviness that just doesnt seem to want to let go.


Holistic yet relatable, Your BeUtiful Body invites you to stop following everyone else and to start following yourself.   Because LIGHT isnt a number on a bathroom scale, its a state of Being, and its not just what you eat, its how and why you eat it.

The more you connect with yourself, the more balanced your body becomes and the lighter you feel, naturally, because the magic isnt in the kale, its in being U, and this is BeUtiful!
Your BeUtiful Body BOOK

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This is an invitation to unravel your diet dramas and discover what your body really needs to find balance.  Within an 8 week guided experience you will learn how to understand your body wisdom, eat intuitively, release heaviness and toxic emotions, whilst more fully connecting with who-you-really-are. 

Your BeU Recipes

Download these recipes to support your 8 week journey of feeling lighter and creating Your BeUtiful body, as detailed in my book. These recipes will help you easily and effortlessly complete those 8 weeks, and move into a lifestyle based, intuitive way of eating, setting you free from diet plans, forever!

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Eat & Feel Light

It’s time to learn how to love and appreciate our unique body and to see our true beauty. I want to share with you some of my most powerful BeU nutrition tips for creating a healthy, BeUtiful Body! Replace fear and guilt with pleasure, and reconnect to the medicinal power of food again.

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