I am so excited to be teaming up with the beautiful Sri Devi Retreat in Sri Lanka again for 2019.  This time will be a little different, and in true BeU style, totally dedicated and designed exclusively for U.

These retreats will be PRIVATE, this means that you get to choose your dates between 27th April & 28th September and we will design a retreat program exclusively for U and your body.  This means that you’ll maximize your time on retreat as everything you do will be specific for your needs rather than a group.

The retreat accommodation is luxurious and comfortable, so you can relax fully and detox in privacy.  It is a beautiful space, surrounded by nature, so peaceful and tranquil, perfect for healing and rejuvenation.

The food is delicious, I love the food chef makes here, so fresh, flavorsome and local, making the food you eat here some of the most tasty medicine you will have had the pleasure of eating.  And, if you know anything about my style of nutrition and healing you’ll know that good food is at the heart of my processes.  So you definitely won’t feel deprived or hungry, and all meals will be made according to your personal constitution and program.

Our approach is holistic, embracing the latest nutritional therapies combined with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Your personalized schedule will include:


This is a BeUtiful opportunity to rest, relax and heal in the luxury of nature.

If you feel inspired to join, I would love to co-create your healing journey, it is such a special space and all the treatments and programs are gentle yet powerful, I know that you’ll leave feeling more aligned with yourself, more empowered, balanced, light and healthy.

Here are the full BeU retreat details:

If you’d like to chat about this of email me to find out more then please just let me know.  Reach out to me here laura@lovebeu.com.  Look forward to connecting and retreating with you!

With love

Laura xxx

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