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BeU nutrition and holistic wellBeing is the art of nourishing yourSelf. Energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.  With thought, intention, breath, water, food, movement and stillness, in a way that facilitates ALIGNMENT with your highest Self, your most natural state of wellBeing, of love, light, balance and ease – U!  The ultimate ‘U’, not the ego personality ‘you’, but the true ‘U’.  All of my work carries the powerful intention of nurturing states that allow you to BeU.

Free from stress, anxiety, bloating, discomfort and heaviness.  Just imagine how much more comfortable and light you would feel if you weren’t weighed down by such negative influences.  How much more ‘U’ you’d be, naturally and effortlessly, in any given situation.  Confident and energized rather than self-conscious and lethargic.

Illness, weight and dis-ease are not created physically.  They’re created energetically, mentally and emotionally.  Only now can they become manifest in the physical body, as alignment with your true nature, with U, has been derailed by stress, anxiety and negative emotion. In our disconnection with ourSelf, not only are we hurting each other, and polluting the earth, but creating our own states of dis-ease.

Quite simply, to BeU is the most potent medicinal cure for ALL dis-ease.   I’m passionate about helping you to create an environment where you can reconnect to ALL that U are, through food and nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle.  Not just so you get the body you want, but so all your amazing potential has the best chance of being shared with the world, instead of it remaining trapped inside, weighed down by stress and negativity.

And, my philosophy is inspired by U and your body, because there is not one way of eating or living that works for all of us.  I truly believe in the art of being inspired by your body wisdom to create the state of balance and alignment that is necessary for your love and light to shine and Be the change the world needs.

To BeU is the medicine.

As above, so below, as within, so without.

Alyson Noel

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