In the search for the ‘Holy Grail’ of all things beauty and wellbeing, we have journeyed far and wide, and whilst we’ve discovered some amazing superfoods, lotions, potions and goodness knows what else, we seem to have forgotten our roots, with the complex (and expensive) taking precedence over the natural and simple.

Ironically, this causes us more stress, with never enough resources – time or money, to get through the ever growing list of beauty and wellbeing ‘to-do’s’, and ‘must-have’s’.

Yet there are simple basics that are the epitome of beauty and wellbeing ‘must-be’ essentials, and they form the perfect foundation for which no superfood, lotion or potion could ever make up for.

Here are 4 beauty & wellbeing ‘must-Be’ essentials:

1.  Breathing – beautiful skin, a healthy body and a calm, focused mind are all chronically reliant on good oxygenation. To put it simply, if you don’t breathe well, then you starve your system of sufficient oxygen, and beauty will not flourish where it cannot breathe! Deep, conscious breathing energizes your body and mind, neutralizes acid, reduces free radicals and oxidative stress, relieves tension, reduces stress hormones that induce water retention and weight gain and detoxifies your body. 10-15 minutes daily of deep conscious breathing will literally transform your body, and mind.

2.  Appreciation – food maybe your medicine but your thoughts and emotional state are the cure!  Every thought emits an electrical impulse, each emotion creates a magnetic energy, together they determine the vibrational ‘state’ of your body. Positivity, self-love and appreciation nurture a vibration that resonates with harmony, balance, wellbeing and therefore, natural beauty and radiance. Negativity, self loathing, and lack of self-worth creates a vibrational state conducive to dis-ease, imbalance and weakness. Practicing thoughts and feelings of appreciation and self-love, are beauty and wellbeing essentials that no cream, or diet, can correct!

3.  Hydration – oxygen comes first, but water is a very close second life essential! Your body literally cannot function without water, yet the number of clients I have that ‘forget’ to drink water is unbelievable. We’ve become so busy that we don’t even remember to support ourselves with something as critical to our survival as water. Nothing moves in your body without water – toxins, food waste, lymph, all of these will stagnate and accumulate without sufficient water. Hydration is essential for a glowing complexion, clear skin, detoxification, elimination, energy, vitality, focus, clarity, and cells will also have a lower propensity to store fat!  Water quality is important, mineral or spring is ideal. Drinking before breakfast is one of the most powerful beauty and wellbeing tips as it enhances elimination, drink up to 1 liter before you eat. Continue to drink throughout the day, room temperature water. There is no universal ‘magic’ volume, you have to pay attention to your body and drink according to what feels good for you. As a guide, 2 litres is generally a minimum I recommend.

4.  Connection – the more connected we are to our inner Being, the more love, comfort, peace and joy we can experience. Our connection to our Self is the most powerful wellbeing and beauty basic of them all. So, how do we connect? The best way I’ve found is through meditation. Daily meditation, of around 15-20 minutes. Meditation has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, balance the endocrine system, relieve tension, enhance digestion, clear the mind and open the subtle energy pathways, creating more vital life force. All of this translates into a radiant, healthy, good feeling body, mind and soul, is there anything more beautiful than this? If you’re new to meditation check out this app – Insight Timer.

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With love xxx

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