We are super excited to be hosting this Be Light retreat later this summer in Sri Lanka. This will be a transformational 5 days with like minded women, creating a safe space for you to just Be and feel LIGHT.  If you are looking for somewhere to go and relax, feeling the need for a little ‘you time’, or if you’re on overload and experiencing the heaviness of too much work, feeling exhausted and depleted then this is for you and you’ll body will LOVE it.  This retreat will also focus on healing and resetting your digestion, so if you’re experiencing any kind of digestive challenges, and having trouble feeling lighter as a result, then this cleansing 5 days of my Rest & Digest ritual will be perfect.  Take a look…

Relax, release & renew…

A holistic, body, mind and soul retreat, inspired by the Rest & Digest Ritual featured in my book, Your BeUtiful Body, facilitated by mother and daughter team, Julie and myself, Laura.

Set amongst a lush tropical Sri Lankan paradise of the Sri Devi Retreat.  Protected and embraced by beautiful mother nature, this cleansing 5 day retreat will allow you to experience a state of relaxation that is essential for you to release, renew and create a sense of LIGHT in your body, mind and soul.

Each day there will be a facilitated program of yoga, with deep meditation, pranayama, relaxation practices and nourishing Ayurvedic inspired cleansing foods, to strengthen your digestive fires of transformation and enLIGHTen your body.  

Daily workshops will explore intuitive nutrition and how to connect with your body wisdom and higher power to facilitate a state of LIGHT, on all levels.

Understanding that your physical body is an extension of your energy, thoughts and emotions, you will learn how to cleanse your mind and experience your highest self through intuitive communication as Julie carefully guides you on a journey deep within for a profound sense of release and renewal.

This will be a truly holistic experience, gentle yet powerful, nourishing and loving your body LIGHT as you connect more fully with your ultimate Self.

To live your Light you have to connect with the LIGHT that you are!  This doesn’t happen through the usual ‘no pain no gain’ diet and exercise rhetoric, but through divine intelligence and love to ‘uncover’ that which you already are.  

In this sense, you haven’t got to fight or effort your way there, just relax and allow it to Be.

The Be Light Retreat will include:





Laura Holland

Author, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, Plant Based Eating, Vegan Beauty & Holistic Wellbeing Expert

*For more information about Laura and her work please visit BeU


Julie Smith

Intuitive Communication Expert, Spirit Communicator, Aura-Soma Practitioner & teacher, Meditation Guide, ACIM Facilitator & Life Coach

*For more information about Julie and her work please visit The Soul Soother


To Reserve Your Spot

Together we are able to give you a truly holistic wellbeing experience, we are so excited to be facilitating this retreat and look forward to welcoming you in Sri Lanka.  Limited numbers only, so to reserve your place, or for more information, please email either Laura or Julie.

We look forward to seeing you in Sri Lanka later this summer! xx

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