Podcast; what is a BeUtiful Body?

Loved being asked to do this Podcast for Wildling Woman, talking all about why it’s so much more powerful (and healing) to start focusing on feeling light rather than a number on the scales. How to start loving your body and why reconnecting to your inner wisdom is the only intelligent way to nourish your […]

Q&A; Inspired for Leena

Question I have IBS and often experience morning diarrhoea and bloating after meals. I have previously been tested for gluten intolerance but the test came back negative.  I’m a pescatarian, so I eat a lot of fish and vegetables. I haven’t necessarily made any dietary changes as a result of the diagnosis, mainly because I […]

netdoctor Article: Definitive Guide to Intuitive Eating

This is a subject close to my heart so it was a pleasure to share my perspective on intuitive eating and how it can help all of us move away from a negative diet mindset and find relief from unhealthy relationships with food. Check out the full article here.

Grazia Article: Why your diet isn’t working

I love that mainstream media is sharing more inspired approaches to diet and weight loss topics, and moving away from the damaging diet rhetoric that has been shared so prolifically in the media. Thank you Grazia! xxx Check out my latest piece for Grazia Middle East here.

What Your Food Intolerance Is Showing You

My mantra has become ‘there is nothing wrong with my body, but there may be something my body is trying to tell me.’ This has transformed the way I eat and approach my wellbeing, and how I work with my clients. Fully appreciating that our physical body is a reflection of our spiritual, mental and […]

What is a BeUtiful Body?

Part 1: Let there be light; What is a BeUtiful Body? “A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience.  Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.”  Naomi Wolf In our lifetime the idea […]

Q & A; Inspired for Sarah

Question I had a tummy upset about 6 weeks ago and since then my body has felt out of kilter. I feel heavier and almost swollen, especially around my stomach. I’ve put on a couple of pounds in a relatively short space of time, without any change to my diet following my upset stomach, which […]

Q&A: Inspired For Maryam

Question I have been recently diagnosed with gastritis and other chronic problems in my colon, prescribed meds and I’m taking them.  I know the gut area is linked to the solar plexus area and that I need to work on my healing.  What would be my next step to heal completely through nutrition and to […]

Hormonal Balance; a deeper perspective

Both ancient Greek philosophy and the Rig Veda, dating back over three millennia, describe the power of our hormones, or soma, as they refer to them, as a powerful agent of liberation and enlightenment. The process is described alongside methods of how to release these ‘inner fluids’ in a way that can transform both mind […]

Energetic Nutrition; Mango

Energetic Nutrition; Mango

The magnificent mango.  Although, like everything else in life, and especially in the world of nutrition, the ‘magnificent’ part is relative to my relationship and association with the beautiful mango.  However, the mango is sacred to Buddha! This being said, I wanted to share with you their energetic nutritional qualities so you can have a […]