A&E Article: The Sixth Sense Diet

It is so exciting to have articles that are more holistic and intuitive in their focus being published in mainstream, high-end media like A&E Magazine.  I am so appreciate of Ylova, an editor at the magazine, for running my feature because whilst my advice isn’t ‘main stream’ yet, the current popular approach to weight and our body’s causes more heaviness than it does lightness and more anxiety than it does comfort, this needs to change.

It is time for a more intelligent approach, one that simples rather than confuses nutrition and one that helps heal our relationships with food and our body rather than creates more fear.  I think it’s time for the ‘BeUtiful Way’! 😉

Here is a peak at part of my article for you now…

Become an Intuitive Eater and discover your BeUtiful, light feeling, body…

The amount of diet advice out there ensures we have enough food for thought to last what feels like a lifetime on our quest to lose weight, unfortunately, despite this apparent abundance, many of us are starving, some literally, whilst still feeling frustratingly heavy with no sight, let alone sensation, of the ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel!

The problem is that, whilst lightness is at the core of our body, we are quite literally light energy, we insist on looking outside of ourselves for the when, how and what of eating.  Following diet plan after diet plan, because more often than not the last one didn’t work, turns one of our most natural and instinctive behaviours into something that is unnatural and unconscious of how our body feels.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to dieting that works because we are all unique.  When we understand this we must also appreciate that foods which create harmony and lightness in one person may cause heaviness in another…

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