Let’s be honest, nutrition advice is EVERYWHERE.  What to eat and what not to eat, over and over again, a bombardment of well meaning advice, often conflicting, and more often than not overwhelming.  

How ironic then that there are a few things that are even more powerful than the actual food we choose when it comes to creating a light feeling body, and hardly anyone is talking about them.  So focused on calories, points and carbs, we become blind to the wisdom of our body and its natural rhythms and processes.  The reality is we end up eating and living in ways that completely sabotage our balance, and therefore, capacity for wellbeing and lightness.    

I share these with you in my new book, Your BeUtiful Body, but today I want to focus on just one area and that’s ‘how’ to eat.  Not ‘what’ to eat, there isn’t going to be a list at the end detailing eat this and not that, not really my style anyway, but what there is going to be is a list of the 5 most powerful tools you need to inspire HOW you eat.  If you implement these tools daily, even if you don’t change one thing about ‘what’ you eat, you will feel lighter!

These tools are powerful because they directly impact your digestion, and digestion is absolutely essential for a healthy, light feeling body.  Do you feel light when you’re bloated?  No. So we have to get digestion on track and when we do we actually gift ourselves so much more room to maneuver that ‘what’ part of the equation.  In short, your body won’t be hypersensitive to food, it will take more than a piece of cake to knock you off balance!

Here goes, practice these 5 tools daily and you will feel and see the difference – 


Don’t eat when you are stressed, emotional, or in a hurry.  Your digestive system doesn’t work well under these conditions and causes indigestion, bloating and heaviness.  Make time to eat and sit calmly, focusing on what you are putting into your body.  This does take discipline but try to gift yourself the time to mindfully eat your meals.  If you are emotional or stressed then at least consciously calm your system down before eating by sitting quietly and breathing deeply for 3-5 minutes.  Simple but effective, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Routine & Consistency

Your body thrives on routine and consistency.  This is what will allow your digestion to relax and regulate your entire system.  When you eat and sleep sporadically, this creates uncertainty, your body, especially your digestion, doesn’t tolerate uncertainty well and it causes stress.  This also disrupts your hormonal balance and appetite, making weight extra difficult to address.  As you go through this week create your own daily routine, and do your best to practice it every day, sleeping and eating at regular and convenient times, and particularly don’t go too long without eating.  Don’t let your body feel like you’ve abandoned it.

Don’t Drink Whilst Eating

In Ayurveda, drinking a lot water whilst eating is like poison for the digestive system.  The water dampens your digestive fire and dilutes the necessary digestive enzymes to break-down food.  This means you are more likely to suffer from indigestion, bloating and a build up of undigested, toxin forming food in your stomach.  If you have been really careful about what you eat but still feeling heavy and bloated after meals this could be the reason why.  Ideally, drink water at room temperature 30 minutes before you eat and then not again until a 20-30 minutes after your meal.  A few sips during your meal is fine, but try to avoid anything more than this.  Even worse for your digestion is drinking fruit juices and sodas, so definitely avoid these at mealtimes.  If you do feel heavy after eating, wait 30 minutes and then sip hot water, the heat of the water can help settle digestion.

Always Chew Food Properly

Your stomach doesn’t have teeth, so if you don’t chew your food your stomach gets filled with chucks of food that it cannot break down properly, this definitely causes unwanted heaviness.  “A well chewed burger is better than a badly chewed salad for your waist line.” Dr. Harold Stossier.

Don’t Ignore Hunger

So many times we have been taught to do this and it is an absolute disaster for digestion, often creating a lot of bloating and a slower metabolism.  Listen to your body, eat when your body is asking for food, and try not to go more than four hours without eating.

One final piece of food for thought.  Right now, your body is a direct product of the relationship between you and food, a powerful way to positively influence this into becoming a harmonious, physically and emotionally nourishing experience, is to bless your food.  Your intentions and thoughts are your vibes, and these vibes directly impact the food you’re about to eat and informs how your body is going to respond to this food.  Remember this, where there is LOVE there will Be LIGHT. 

Bless Your Food

Take a moment before you eat, look at your food, appreciate it, thank it for nourishing your body.  Your relationship with food, and foods relationship with you, starts the moment you start thinking about it.

The more loving your intention before you eat, the more positive energy you are infusing into this relationship, and the easier your body will digest the food.  Thoughts are energy, food is energy, use your energy of intention wisely.

Calm yourself, breathe, and slow down enough to be conscious of the interaction that’s happening the moment you sit down to eat.  For a BeUtiful body this process, or ritual, of eating needs to be a BeUtiful one and filled with self-love, awareness and appreciation.  

Happy eating.

Love Laura xo 

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