I was thinking over these past few days how important emotional balance is for a healthy, happy, light feeling BeUtiful body.  You see, we consume ’emotions’ much like we consume food, and they get either stored or digested, depending on how easily we can process them!

However, when it comes to losing weight, ALL our focus goes onto food, and usually, within a negative and restrictive dieting mindset, completely ignoring our emotional wellbeing as being a vital piece of the pie.

In reality, emotional wellbeing, is an extra large ‘peace’ of the pie, even bigger than the food part when it comes to feeling lighter, but we pay no attention to the thoughts & emotions we feed ourselves.

Ever been on holiday and came back lighter even though you ate more than your usual diet days?  Why?  Because on holiday you relaxed and so your body relaxed, and, was able to feel lighter.

Truthfully, many of us are looking in all the wrong places to ‘control’ weight.  Micro-managing food, becoming fearful of mealtimes and constantly being on a diet.  Switching between feeling starved and guilty, and no closer to a light feeling body.

Thoughts and emotions are energy and they directly impact your state of health and your dress size.  I’m a nutritionist passionate about food, but health & weight is not all about what we eat!  In fact, the most
powerful thing we can do in creating a lighter body is to address our emotional state and be conscious about nurturing a sense of balance that allows our body to operate in a state of ‘peace’ rather than ‘stress’.
You cannot eat your way to feeling physically lighter if you’re constantly feeding your body negative, stress inducing emotions.  Your body is literally a sponge to all this heavy ‘energy’ and it messes with your systems.

Once I realised this my whole attitude to food & dieting changed and in my book, Your BeUtiful Body, I explain my journey and how you can transform weight into LIGHT.  But for now I’ll share with you my favourite 3 ways to create a lighter body through lighter emotions –

1. Breathe Deep

Your breath directly informs your body whether to operate under a state of stress or peace. The slower and more deep your breath, the more you will move into a state of peace.  This is absolutely essential for a light feeling body and balanced hormones.  Breathing deep is incredible for helping your body to process emotions and release them.  Set aside 10 minutes twice daily to consciously breathe deeply.

2. Meditation

This has been an incredible tool for my emotional wellbeing that my physical body has directly benefitted from. I find the calmer I feel, the lighter my body feels, and this was a profound revelation for me.  There is a great app called Insight Timer if you need a little inspiration for your meditation practice.  Meditate daily, morning works well, but what is more important is that you actually do it.

3. Stretch

Your issues are in your tissues, so stretching is a powerful way of helping your body to release stored emotional tension.  That’s why bodywork can be so helpful, but stretching can give you similar results.  I stretch every night before getting into bed.  Simple stretches like touching my toes, expanding my chest, releasing my shoulders, stretching my sides, just whatever feels good.  The most important thing is that you do so daily, this is where the magic is, in consistently, with each of these tools.

In my next blog I’m going to share my favourite adaptogenic herb for reducing the effects of stress, encouraging a lighter feeling body and increasing endurance – this stuff got me to Everest Base Camp and back I swear! 😉

If you feel like you’d benefit from one-to-one time with me then check out my consultancy services for Body covering nutrition + wellbeing, or send me an email.  I don’t have any pre-made programs, because it’s all about U, so together we can cook up a plan that works for your time frame and budget.

love Laura xo



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