Yesterday was a significant 11:11:11 alignment, as I’m sure you know, and maybe even felt. My Facebook and Instagram feeds were full of it, which I love because it’s just so nice to be reminded of greater things beyond our 3D reality that powerfully influence our life path.

This gateway felt so much about love for me, and most of what I read talked about aligning with the love that we are and opening our hearts to receive the love from the Oneness that we are already.  How perfect!

As ever, I’m always trying to ‘ground’ these seemingly lofty spiritual ideals into my daily practice and it occurred to me that if love allowed for a greater level of consciousness of all this cosmic activity and Ultimate reality, then a lack of love must imply a relative unconsciousness. I talk about loving your body and food all the time, and the power of it never occurred to me in such a direct way before relative to nutrition.

Loving your body and loving food essentially allows more consciousness into the whole process, and where there’s consciousness there’s wisdom, and where there’s wisdom there’s universal intelligence that knows precisely what will nourish, nurture and restore your balance, on all levels, at each moment in time. Aware of all your intricacies and unique qualities, much more so than what we could ever logically perceive or intellectually comprehend.

Opening up to more love for our body and food allows us to eat and practice self-care in a way that is more conscious rather than unconscious, gifting ourselves with what is truly needed rather than what we think we should be eating.

Consciousness allows for a tailored approach to nutrition that’s just for our body, allowing love, and therefore consciousness, to inspire our nutrition decisions, daily, and allowing this wisdom to be adapted according to our physical, emotional, mental and energetic ‘state’ – day by day, meal by meal.

If there’s no self-love then you can’t be conscious. If there’s no love of food or your body then you can’t be ‘conscious eating’.

Big statement but so true!

I’m in Byron Bay at the moment, and so many people are vegan, but, that doesn’t mean to say there’s ‘conscious eating’ going on. Because it isn’t the actual food choice that’s meaningful, it’s why and how you’re making them – this is the difference between just eating what you think you should or actually contributing to your own evolution and revealing (healing) journey.

So how can you make your conscious eating more conscious with LOVE?

Stop eating. Take a moment. Why are you eating the food you’re choosing?

Are your choices inspired by a conscious awareness of your body and food, or are they what you ‘think’ is the right thing to be eating?

Sometimes the ‘wrong’ thing is the ‘right’ thing. Giving yourself the freedom to explore this is powerful and creates a foundation for exploring what really is ‘right’ for you, and the willingness to do this stems from a place of self-love and self trust that allows even more consciousness to flow.

Perhaps this is The gateway, to ourSelf, and therefore, to All the higher dimensions we could possibly imagine, or not.

Love and consciousness, as a three times daily opportunity for alignment, through conscious eating.

Love & BeU

Laura xxx


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